CameraPro App for Samsung Galaxy S2

CameraPro is a must-have app for Samsung Galaxy S2 which offers powerful access to the built in camera. It offers different camera modes including burst, self-timer, time-lapse, anti-shake, video, and access to many important camera features such as ISO, exposure mode, white balance, recording quality, and much more.

CameraPro App 


Features of CameraPro for Samsung Galaxy S2

  • Fast and easy access to most important camera features
  • Customizable design
  • Use volume keys for capturing and focusing
  • Support for media key and hardware shutter button based capturing
  • Overlays including virtual horizon, level meter, compass, grid
  • Modes: normal, burst, self-timer, time-lapse, bracketing (e.g. for HDR post processing), anti-shake, video
  • Front/back camera support
  • Device dependent features known from DSLR (Digital Single Reflex Camera) including exposure time, ISO, white balance, focus distance, macro, continuous focus, focus mode, video and audio recording bit rates/channels/frame rates, mute audio, exposure compensation, scene modes (macro, landscape, portrait, nigh shot, fireworks, backlight, sports, party, flash), simple effects (black/white, sepia, saturated), shutter sound, zoom, ...

Download and more Information

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